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5G Is Coming – Are You Ready?

5G will bring lightning-fast internet speeds, enabling you to download a movie in just a matter of seconds. It will almost completely reduce latency, and you’ll be able to enjoy a huge number of...

How Technology is Changing Human Interaction

There’s no denying that the past few years have seen an immense rise in technological advancements. And there’s no denying that these advancements have changed our lives, for better or worse.  One aspect of our...

Where We Are Going, We Don’t Need… Drivers

Every once in a while, innovation changes the way the entire game is played.  Remember the telegraph? In the 18th and 19th century, this long-outdated piece of technology was considered revolutionary. The telegraph was the...

Can Google Home and Alexa Listen to You?

In case you weren't aware of it, your personal virtual assistant like Google Home or Alexa are spying on you, listening to every word you say when they're turned on.  Still, there’s no reason to...
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