Time To Save On Energy Bills With AI-Driven Teak Smart Cube


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the electricity bills for August 2022 for US consumers jumped up by 15.8% as compared to the similar period – this was the highest gain since 1981. 

The problem is even more acute all around Europe and especially in the UK, where household energy bills have been up by 80% over last year. 

While these statistics are alarming enough for all of us to take necessary steps to combat the soaring energy prices, our initiative can begin with something as small as opting for an intelligent power adapter designed to deliver significant differences.  

Developed by teammates who have come together from Yale, Cornell, and MIT to reimagine power outlets with AI and a 3-decade-old rectangular power strip, in a nutshell, Teak Smart Cube not only tracks the energy consumed by devices at home but also contributes toward saving up on the energy bills.

Saved on Energy BillsInspired by the Teak tree’s formidable resistance to the elements and endurance, the adapter also serves as a sturdy building block for a low-carbon future. The overall goal is to turn the consumers of today into conservers of tomorrow.

Saved Energy Bills

How Does The Teak Smart Cube Work?

Once the electronic devices are plugged in, the AI “eMission Control,” operated through the app, starts learning what devices are not in use but still consuming energy. 

Afterward, it references the local energy grid first to track the cost of electricity and then delivers the breakdown of energy consumption by source (i.e., wind, solar, hydro, gas, coal, etc.) on your smartphone. All of this helps in knowing the exact baseline energy usage and carbon emissions which one can improve over time.

Teak Smart Cube

The ” Control” also identifies and recommends when the devices should be turned on and off for energy saving and carbon footprint reduction on a weekly basis. Accepting the recommendations means it auto-executes the schedules. However, if your schedule changes often, there is an option to override the AI in app or via the LED buttons on the cube.

The device adapts to the changes in the following week.

All in all, the operational philosophy behind Teak Smart Cube is precise; the more you turn things off, the smarter and eco-friendlier Teak gets.

User Cases

As per the field tests conducted by the makers of Teak Smart Cube, consumers have saved up to 500 kWh and $75 per year through just “Phantom Load” elimination (based on the national average electricity cost of $0.15 / kWh). This also means that the cube pays itself for every user within a year.

On a bigger scale, there can be a reduction of $112,000 in energy costs, we can save 750 Megawatt hours, and reduce 650,000 lbs of C02 annually.

This power adapter is ideal for people who want to save energy and protect the environment, but find it difficult to always plug and unplug devices. Just plug everything in and start saving. It can shape our behaviors to become more eco-friendly.

Teak Smart Cube is also currently running a Kickstarter Campaign. They aim to gather funds to bring more advanced features to the product, make mass-level production possible, and then ship it to consumers. So that together, we could save our planet with smaller initiatives.

Teak Smart Cube