Build A Dream Stable In The New Immersive World of Real Horse 3D


    Not everyone can afford to build a stable full of amazing horses in the real world. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from being a fan of show horses or loving the four-legged, long-tail kingly creatures; Real Horse 3D is making the possibility of owning horses come true in the virtual world – with real-life-like features.

    Real Horse 3D

    Developed by Advenworks, a talented indie game studio based in Paris, Real Horse 3D is a casual simulation game where you can raise and take care of your favorite horses, groom them, talk to them, and ride them in equestrian events.

    Building An Incredible Ranch

    Players can begin by grooming horses among the seven breeds and with 48 different coats that are currently available in the game. The list of horses includes special & mystical ones like unicorns, pegasuses, fire horses, and hippogryphs. If that is not enough, then this immersive game will also offer the option to create a horse of your dreams by breeding among different combinations.

    Players can and have to take care of the horses through different activities like feeding, bathing, brushing, and petting. Every action helps the horses to stay healthy and happy and grow their trust in the players. 

    Furthermore, relax and enjoy the ASMR aspect while slowly removing foam and dirt from the horse.

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    One of the most entertaining parts of the game is feeding the horses various foods like apples, carrots, and bananas. The horses are always eager to eat something delicious and follow the finger around, waiting for you to give them their coveted treat. Players can even chat with their faithful charger and they respond back.

    All of these features help in creating a special bond with the horses.

    Competing With Other Riders

    Besides grooming, players can ride their horses in Real Horse 3D disciplines like Cross Country, Steeplechase, and Racing and compete with other riders in numerous beautiful environments.

    The gameplay is first of its kind as you’ll have to jump obstacles, pick the right path, run through the right doors to get coins, or can even enjoy a ride with your horse in a wide, wild desert.

    Real Horse 3D

    The performance of the horses will rely on different statistics including agility, speed, acceleration, and endurance. Hence, it is recommended to groom unique horses with specific strategies (full speed, total agility, or both) to achieve better rankings and create real champions. 

    Real Horse 3D has a campaign up and running on Kickstarter to gather more funds and bring this riding experience to everyone’s smartphones. With more immersive mobile games dominating the market, this indeed would be an interesting addition to your list.

    Real Horse 3D

    Real Horse 3D has a campaign up and running on Kickstarter to gather more funds