“Blood In The Sand” The First Murder Mystery Novel By An Emirati Writer Reveals The Dark Side of UAE

“Blood In The Sand” The First Murder Mystery Novel By An Emirati Writer Reveals The Dark Side of UAE


The UAE is known for its luxurious lifestyle, global community, and high-rise buildings but Blood In The Sand is offering a different ride as it reveals dark secrets of the region through the eyes of a detective.

Written by Saeed-Al-Ali, a cyber security risk management consultant in UAE, the mystery novel revolves around the journey of a 30-years old protagonist Detective Khalifa who wakes up after a century only to discover that Dubai is still experiencing the same Serpent killings that he had left behind before going into a cryo-sleep.

Detective Khalifa discovered the existence of suspicious murders around the region back in 2022. He tried to chase the Serpent for months and managed to gather proof against prime suspects who were carrying out these mass murders around the world. However, fate didn’t go his way as while on the way to disclose the truth to his Captain, he gets in a serious car accident and ends up in a coma.

Since his parents couldn’t afford life support, he was put to experimental cryonics (deep freeze) as the only way to save his life.

Fortunately, Detective Khalifa survives the cryonics process and wakes up one hundred years later, in 2122, in a completely new Dubai. There are strange faces around him but there is one thing he immediately recognizes; the eerily familiar Serpent killings that continue to happen in the present era.

This time around Detective Khalifa has no allies or previous information at hand but he still possesses the skills required to be an excellent detective in the case. He takes a fresh start to uncover the cult and end this horror.

While we don’t want to reveal the answers to whether he will be able to save the world or will the cult win again and take Detective Khalifa’s life, it’s time for Emiratis to celebrate this monumental achievement by Saeed Al Ali.

Being in cyber security risk management, Saeed’s expertise in understanding the seriousness of crimes and how to catch culprits makes him the right fit to attempt this genre and present the dark world of serial killers in Dubai.

The saga won’t also stop at the book alone. Saeed has also founded an animation studio named Lucid Animations, which will create a full-feature animated movie based on the book.

You can also support Saeed by backing his Kickstarter campaign and make his novel “Blood In The Sand” come to life sooner.