Here Is Why CaliberX Is A Tool of The 21st Century


There are certain tools that have become the benchmarks to solve our everyday problems. Finding these items in the hour of need is often disappointing but not anymore. Tools Mule introduces CalibrerX, an 18-in-1 Multitool for the 21st century.

The first multi-tool was invented by Romans around 200-300 AD. But its inception came with the issues of handling it. Over the years, modern multi-tools evolved into more portable and handy devices that can be a true companion in the hour of need. One such multi-tool that seems to be catering to the needs of modern-day problems is CaliberX.

What is CaliberX?

CaliberX is a compact multi-purpose tool that is designed to eliminate the need for a heavy and cumbersome toolbox. Promising to be the tool of the 21st century, it comes power-packed with 18 tools in one device that can easily fit inside a pocket. Hence owning CaliberX means getting access to an adjustable wrench, serrated knife, screwdriver, bit holders, saw, bottle opener, wood chisel, rope cutter, can opener, hammer, nail puller, fire starter, awl, wire bender, and center punch – all upon the push of one button.

It is designed to work for every rocky journey with very little or no weight, single-handed accessibility, comfort, style, and 100% metal in its composition.

Reasons Why Everyone Must Own A Multi-Tool Like CaliberX

CaliberX is an advanced multi-tool that also broadens the horizon of usage making it an absolute necessity for everyone.

Here are some important reasons that shed light on the significance of CaliberX and how it can act as an external organ for the extra help that humans often need.

●  It Can Be The Perfect House Helper
Be it for opening packages, loosening or tightening screws, prying, removing splinters, fixing leaking pipes, unraveling wallpapers etc. CaliberX will always be there to save time.

●  Use It As An Assembly tool
The 18 different tools in one can help you build a treehouse or a play area for your kids. In extreme cases, it can even help you put your IKEA furniture together.

●  It Serves As An Adventure Tool

Camping, hunting, and any of the outdoor activities that are loved by millions can be so much better if the multi-tool is with you. Whether it is to set up a tent, prepare a bait, food preparation or even light a fire to cook it, CaliberX is capable of doing all of it.

●  The Right Gadget For First Responders
First responders are heroes that go where most of us can’t and won’t. They are required to jump headfirst with heavy gear and expected to commit to incredible feats of strength that require enormous amounts of stamina. CaliberX can help reduce their gear weight, assist them in entering difficult terrains, and let them perform under extreme conditions with ease.