Spark To Go’s Water Bottles Now Allow You To Make Your Own Sparkling Water


Spark To Go is a new premium water bottle that is built to offer the convenience of converting ordinary water into sparkling (water), all at the push of a button anytime, anywhere. It possesses an integrated water carbonation mechanism, ingenious CO2 cartridge, and easy to clean removable system, all contributing to delivering sparkling water with no special treatment required.

Carbonation System On The Go

One glimpse of Spark To Go shows that the exterior of the bottle is composed of recycled metal. But it is the inside where the magic begins as the bottle hosts small CO2 cartridges that carbonate the water present inside the bottle upon the direction of the button located outside. The entire mechanism allows users to refill the bottle with ordinary water from any source and convert it into sparkling.

Each cartridge holds the capacity to produce 4 liters of strong sparkling water and the bottle can contain up to 500 mL of sparkling water at a time. Spark To Gos’ cartridges are also cheaper than the average price per liter of sparkling water which makes the bottles cost-efficient. 

Making sparkling water with Spark To Go requires as little effort as inserting the cartridge, filling the bottle with tap water, closing the lid, and pressing the button on top of the bottle.

Why STG’s Cartridges Are The Best

The Spark To Go bottles come with 16 gram and 20-gram CO2 cartridges that must only be purchased from the company in order to ensure that the critical safety aspects like the gas used in the cartridges remain food grade and safe for human consumption. As a part of the long-term plans, Spark To Go also aims to release refillable cartridges to increase sustainability.   

The CO2 cartridges of Spark To Go bottles remain protected from UV exposure or plastic contact, temperature shifts, and any other element that can potentially invade the water supply. The manufacturers have spent 2 years in designing, 3D printing, and doing rigorous testing under various environments to make sure that Spark To Go stands as a truly valuable alternative to the bottled water industry. 

The materials used to make STG bottles are 100% recyclable and the cartridges get converted into metal products after being thrown in the recycle bin.   

As of now, Spark To Go is offering a prototype with 850ml capacity and three different color options; Cool Blue, Funky Orange, and Elegant White. 


In December 2021 the cofounders of Spark To Go began with the alpha testing phase. If you like the idea of having sparkling water on the go – whether you are on a bus or in a park, now is the chance to support their campaign on Indiegogo and make this little wish of yours come true to life!