“Messages From Her” Delivers Life Lessons From The Most Inspiring Women In History


“Messages From Her” is a collector’s set based on 44 cards and a book that pays tribute to the most inspiring women from history while paving a way to empower the female generation of today and awakening their inner strength.

Messages From Her is designed to celebrate the lives of 44 women who changed the world. While some of them live in the present, and some in the past, the initiative is based on a 44-card deck and a guide highlighting the triumphs, challenges, and stories that made the journey of these inspiring women unique. 

By sharing insights on how all of the female icons came out glorious despite facing all kinds of hurdles in their lives, Messages From Her aims to inspire women all around the world. 

Inside the Box

The hardcover book titled “Messages From Her” contains 108 pages with quotes, an inspirational passage, and a full biographical history section on the lives of selected women.  Two full pages are dedicated to every woman in the deck. 

The cards deck gives life lessons and helps acknowledge a woman’s inner strengths and capabilities. Every woman is vibrantly brought to life by artist-drawn illustrations, a rich color palette, and gold foil details. Users can pick a card by intuition or randomly select one for the lesson of the day.

The collector set comes in a high-quality magnetic closure box with a copper and cream color palette. On the inside, you get the deck of cards enclosed in a velvety drawstring bag and a guidebook. Each component is composed of premium quality recycled paper and cardboard with luxe gold foil detailing.

The deck of cards is for all ages, however, some parts of the book’s history are best suited for females ages 12 and above.


Various studies have proven the positive influence same-sex role models can have on adolescents and adults. Learning about the lives of these powerful women – the challenges they overcame, the barriers they broke, and the challenges they faced can motivate young girls to follow their dreams, explore new ideas, and discover their capabilities. 

The creator of Messages From Her, Rachael worked on the idea for three years. With the experience of more than a decade in working for ethical apparel companies, she believes to give back more to her fellow women by empowering them through this interactive experience.

Messages From Her is currently live on Kickstarter and the idea has been successfully funded for the first print run.