An All-in-One Air Purification Solution Designed to Cater to Your Household Needs.


    Castus aims to become the go-to choice for household consumers that are looking for domestic air purification solutions. Leveraging advanced AI-based technology, Castus has created a silent, durable, and highly effective air purifier that far supersedes conventional air purifiers available in the market today. 

    Castus is a comprehensive solution to all of your household air purification needs. Our team of experts has invested thousands of hours of research into this product since 2012 and has created a one-stop air purification solution. Castus combines 7 technologies into a single system to capture, remove, and eliminate airborne pollutants and microorganisms. Also, it controls the humidity level in your home with nature-inspired micro-capillary technology.

    Castus is extremely easy to use, providing different ways to control the product. The built-in touch screen, remote control, or any smart iOS or Android device provides flexibility to users in order to maximize their ease of use and product accessibility. 

    Sophisticated AI-based algorithms and eight high-precision sensors help Castus accurately analyze, monitor, and measure the air quality of users’ households. With a smart and portable design, Castus is aiming to reinvent how you monitor and control your environment. Nature-inspired evaporation technology helps humidify the air in a way that makes the air not only comfortable to breathe but also very clean. Castus is equipped with 4 safety measures to prevent any damage to children, pets, and adults. Child lock, Tilt Protection, Cover Sensor & Water level indicator will guarantee the safe operation of Castus in your home.

    Utilizing Plasma technology, Castus releases ten million anions per cubic centimeter to capture and eliminate air pollutants in the indoor air. Castus has been designed keeping the highest quality standards in mind, ensuring that users are able to enjoy years of maintenance-free use from the brushless 8-speed motor. Not only is the device completely silent while it is operational, it consumes significantly less energy compared to regular motors fitted in conventional air purifiers available in the market. 

    The smart WiFi system in Castus air purifier and air quality monitor enables you to control and monitor your indoor air quality with any iOS or Android device from anywhere in the world. 

    Castus is based in Vancouver Canada and is currently ready for mass production. A company spokesperson stated: “the Castus air purification is designed with the home in mind. Its sleek, smooth appearance is completed with a simple yet effective LED indicator, describing the level of air purity in your home with a system of four colors, representing the highest to the lowest concentration of pollutants.”

    “We’re very excited about launching this high-end project on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. We have such an amazing collective of customers and clients, and we can’t wait to grow that with you on this interactive platform.” The campaign is currently live on Indiegogo.