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The uBrewMug Lets You Brew Your Favorite Coffee Anytime, Anywhere

A daily kick of caffeine is an absolute necessity for all of us. But getting that dose of early morning coffee or mid-day sips for recharge can be a problem when our days are full of work. 

Sometimes you don’t get the chance to drop by a cafe for your favorite macchiato and some days you don’t have the time or energy to brew a cup of tea or coffee for yourself at work. uBrewMug is here to offer more ease into the matter with a go-to coffee solution that every caffeine lover deserves! 

It doesn’t matter whether you are working from home or office, uBrewMug lets you make your coffee the way you like with as little effort as plugging in the mug into your nearest socket. 

The device comes power-packed with four accessories; a screw-on travel lid for extra protection, a wooden stand with a compartment to store up to 10 tea bags or coffee, a shock-proof milk jar, and a sleek string bag in which you can carry the mug with ease. 

Once you have filled the uBrewMug with all the right ingredients for your coffee, you have to leave the process of getting the perfect coffee ready right on to the device as it automatically gets the job done within just a few minutes.

uBrewMug can also be the only cup you need for carrying your coffee along. Its travel lid can be trusted for when you want to keep the mug in a bag full of important accessories. Furthermore, the milk jar also has enough capacity for the day’s brewing. 

Be it in the park or during business tours, uBrewMug will ensure that you have a constant supply of your favorite coffee in places where finding your type of coffee might be a challenge. 

Based in the UK, makers of the uBrewMug, Miles Finley and his friend Alex Robinson-Hull have introduced their invention as an Indiegogo campaign. The mug is in its prototype stage and if you happen to love the idea, then you can either visit the company’s website for more details or show some support by contributing to their campaign. 


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