You Can Now Own Your Favorite Color As NFT


With the invention of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a new era for content creators is on the rise. Moving beyond being called merely collectibles, owning digital assets like paintings, avatars, or virtual land today means that your NFT is going to shape up how the metaverse would look like in the near future.
The first half of 2021 has introduced us to the massive potential of NFTs as the total sales have already reached the $2.5 billion mark.

However, with all the popular and more expensive NFTs, there are many other NFTs that can have a great impact but have not yet become mainstream. One such example is ‘colors as NFTs’. 

Taking the advantage of the gap, Pixelcolors has introduced a complete color palette scheme crafted carefully on the basis of RGB-compatible colors. The company is ready to release 1111 of them with the same price point for all and once the trading begins on the secondary market, every color shade might just be worth thousands of dollars.

All in all, buying a color that you think represents you or your brand isn’t only a collectible, it can also be a valuable investment to keep your eyes on!

Why Invest in Color NFTs

The biggest factor that motivates people into buying Pixelcolors is its great utility and expected returns. Pixelcolors is going to build every single color on an open protocol to let any NFT-compatible game or environment integrate the color you own as an Object. This means the owner will have sole rights to the color when being used to paint walls in the metaverse or to render the characters.

Pixelcolors also aims to collaborate with big names from the art world for creating digital pieces that will remain exclusive to the Pixelcolors palette. The developers are also working on enhancing its commercial usage by creating color guides, physical swatches, and color libraries that will make Pixelcolors more compatible with popular graphics software.

Pixelcolors utilities won’t also only remain limited to the digital world as in real life, owners can claim free apparel and other exclusive items at least four times per year during the next four years. Every utility will only be produced once to ensure exclusivity of the benefits.


Buying any of the Pixelcolors will keep you free from any rarities or rankings – irrespective of its demand in the near future. 

How to Buy Your Own Color

Pixelcolors is expected to launch in early December 2021.Buyers will be able to mint two NFTs per wallet only if you join the pre-sale on time that will go live at Pixelcolors own platform, The colors will also be available for sale on the Open Sea.

Buyers who are interested can also lookout for more detailed information by being a part of Pixel Color’s dedicated Discord Server here