This Sustainable Wallet is Helping to Save the Planet


Did you know that you can save your planet from issues like climate change and deforestation by making smart material-related choices while purchasing everyday things? Well, one such initiative is taken by the Greater Thingx on your behalf as the company has just invented a vegan-made and cruelty-free wallet. 

Designed to look chic and offer utility just like all other expensive wallets in the market, The Greater Wallet offers a much better alternative than its counterparts. Its uniqueness is attributed to the fact that it gets produced with 100% sustainable products.  

Cork Fabric and Vegan Leather

Every single wallet is made with a combination of plant-based leather and cork fabric harvested directly from the oak tree forest. With every unit produced, the company ensures that there is no damage done to the environment during production and in the future. 

The power of vegan leather here also extends beyond its sustainable nature. Its plastic coating makes the material ideal for water-proofing and easy to maintain. Vegan leather is also thinner than real leather but that can serve to be of great advantage when it comes to making lightweight fashionable products like The Greater Wallet itself. 

The cork fabric’s versatility, stain-resistant properties, and durability add up as a component that assures to make the wallet stand the test of time and in style. 

The end result is a slim and sleek wallet with RIFD protection to block breathing bandwidths. Your wallet remains safe from data theft and fits as per your desires inside your pockets.

More From The Greater Thingx

For Greater Thingx, this wallet is the beginning of their long lineup of more sustainable innovations to come. The company will introduce new color options for every stretch goal they meet as the campaign is currently live on Kickstarter. 

More of such sustainable products is great news for the environment overall. As the world continues to find ways to eliminate the excessive usage of toxic chemicals and reduce the depleting landfills, 100% compostable wallets mean a small start to owning things that are healthier for the environment. 

If you happen to like the idea and believe that The Greater Wallet is for the future then you can back their campaign by visiting their Kickstarter page. Or if you have more interest in buying a wallet for yourself, visit their website right away.