CutCam is Transforming the Haircut Experience With This New Invention


There has been an influx of new ideas and inventions that have claimed to help people and make their lives easier while dealing with the chaos of the last two years during the pandemic and the lockdown. Some of them are not so great and some are amazing. 

One such ingenious invention is CutCam Hair Clippers that have essentially solved the issue of self-grooming for men. Millions have resorted to cutting their own hair due to lockdowns, and millions will continue DIY haircuts even after COVID. 

With this in mind, Kevin Yee and Derek Silverio created the world’s first smart clipper, embedded with modern technology that makes the task of cutting one’s own hair easier than ever. 

CutCam is a set of premium-grade hair clippers with an integrated camera that streams live video to a mobile/tablet app. The app itself contains trendy hairstyle suggestions and barber lessons from professionals along with step-by-step instructions for pro-self haircuts. The clippers are made with a rigid exterior case, textured grip patterns, soft ceramic precision blades, and a stainless steel blade head, making it a sturdy piece of equipment. 


It is a portable and handy device that can be transported easily, making the process of cutting hair simple. What’s great about these clippers is that they come with accessories like clipper guides, protective blade shields, and a quick start manual that allows you to give yourself a haircut anytime, anywhere. 

The product is still in the prototype phase and is available for preorder on Indiegogo. The CutCam website and Indiegogo campaign page have tutorial videos and many more perks for their backers. Head over to their Indiegogo campaign page and check out these extraordinary hair clippers that are reshaping the self-grooming landscape for men.