Singer/Songwriter Mesmerises Listeners With Her Melodious Voice



Music provides fuel to the soul. It gets the adrenaline pumping. Some people consider it life and death.

Have you ever seen a movie scene and wondered what made it more cinematic and visually satisfying, well it is the soundtrack. The eye of the tiger in the movie Rocky took the motion picture to unparalleled stardom. Some of the scenes still give you goosebumps even after multiple viewing.

Larrisa Goslar believes that her music can bring about a major change in the lives of individuals. Through her music, she can motivate people to achieve their dreams and goals. Previously she has worked on two albums and is ready to set the stage on fire with her third masterpiece.

Songs of Ceremony as Gosla calls it will have 9 mind boggling songs. Soul and Acoustic music are the inspirations behind this work of art.

Gosla takes the listeners on a journey full of melodious acoustic songs that have top-notch guitar work along with perfectly executed lyrics.

Gosla wishes that this album will be a testimony to her previous work and will make her more fans and following. Her music can be used for motivation or in yoga classes.

Gosla has been there from a decade. She has previously worked on two albums and wishes to maintain the quality in her upcoming third album.