Chilling Horror Puzzles for Families & Friends With a Spooky Hidden Surprise



The global puzzle market has experienced annual growth of 18% for the past few years. Customer interest in this market has been growing steadily despite the market being saturated with products that follow quite a dated design philosophy. While the market remains predominantly offline, online sales will see increased growth in the coming years. The segment is expected to reach $13 billion by 2026 due to the relevancy of these puzzles among modern parents.

For lovers of horror and appreciation of gripping artwork, a new company by the name of Flipsi Puzzles has appeared on the horizon. The new puzzle claims to make you experience an altered reality while you put the pieces together. 

Demi and Melissa Bonne, the creators of The Flipsi Puzzles, are Australian artists who love performing arts and all things mystic. The couple realized that typical puzzle-solving experiences were now becoming increasingly boring and needed some kind of innovation. They decided to come up with a new idea for a puzzle that doesn’t take anything away from the conventional puzzle-solving experience but adds an unexpected element to it.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the puzzle is that it is two-sided. Bonne says “We wanted the back of each puzzle to give each place its own story and its own haunting, but still, be a piece of art”

With 500 pieces on each side, customers will be able to enjoy 1000 tiny little pieces of art. Once you have completed the entire puzzle, you can start over again with the other side up. 

The design has been cleverly crafted to make sure that the flipping process of the puzzle goes ahead without it falling apart. For this sole purpose, the company created a puzzling board that is made with soft velvet, making the gliding of pieces quite seamless. The board is also designed in a manner that folding it in half is easy and can save you some space.

There are three variants of this puzzle, a house, a farm, and a castle. Bonne explains “we worked on each puzzle together beginning with nine different concepts until we narrowed it down to three”.

Horror-themed puzzles with a touch of creativity and mystery is a new experiment but could be a big hit with horror and puzzle enthusiasts.

To take a more in-depth look at The Flipsi Puzzles, visit their Kickstarter campaign page here.