Traditional Wallets Reimagined To Cut Down Bulk


One of the biggest problems associated with traditional wallets is how bulky they can get. Not only are they a hassle to carry the bulk also significantly diminishes the aesthetic appeal of the wallet. In an increasingly fast-paced work environment, it is important that everything is streamlined for easy access and movement. 

IDENTITY Wallets is one such company that is actively championing the notion of reducing clutter and freeing its users from carrying unnecessary bulk that restricts seamless movement. The company claims to have significantly elevated the traditional wallet and created an elegant alternative that can sit comfortably in your front pocket or on the back of your phone. 

Designed in Los Angeles by Photographer Christian Yi, IDENTITY Wallets is a sleek and stylish wallet that can fit into the smallest of pockets or on the back of a phone. The innovation is specifically targeted towards reducing the hassle of carrying a bulky wallet. IDENTITY Wallets aim to create movement without restriction by slimming down the weight.  


Each wallet is constructed from four solid 6061 aluminum plates that are anodized, powder-coated, and assembled with the utmost care. The elastic band that comes with the wallet provides the perfect balance of tension and durability. In 5 unique colorways with either a money clip or money strap, IDENTITY Wallets are designed to bring together modern design elements and functionality for different types of occasions. 

The wallet is RFID secured to ensure that your information stays safe. Credit cards, driver’s licenses, and gift cards are embedded with radio frequency identification chips that put your privacy at risk by wirelessly transmitting personal information when activated by an RFID reader. IDENTITY Wallets feature RFID protection to help you keep all kinds of information stored in your cards safe from RFID skimming or electronic pickpockets.

IDENTITY Wallets come with many features that will make things simpler and convenient for their users. A few of them are:

  • 6061 Aerospace Grade Alumin
  • Securely hold 1-12 cards + bills
  • Sandblasted matte finish
  • Durable stretch-resistant elastic band
  • Super slim profile 
  • Money clip or cash strap options
  • RFID blocking to keep your information safe and secure
  • Ultra Hard PVD coating for improved scratch resistance
  • Easy access to cards with an intuitive push/pull design

Christian Yi is the creator of the IDENTITY Wallets with the vision of creating the next big thing in the wallet industry. He is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles California but it has always been his dream to funnel those creative juices into a product that can improve the lives of the user. The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign soon where they will be offering a few Kickstarter special discounts on their lineup of wallets.