Applied Art Production Reimagines the Supernatural Thriller Genre With Their Latest Release ‘Woman in the Maze’


It hasn’t been easy getting used to the drastic shift in lifestyles that the pandemic has caused over the past two years. One thing that has helped people cope with the stress is the new content being produced and distributed on various platforms. In the third quarter of 2020 alone, a new record was set for new streaming subscriptions – an increase of $217.6 million compared to the previous two quarters.There is no denying the increase in demand for fresh and new content especially with the advent of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Due to this, the number of players in the film and television industry has increased significantly.
Applied Art Productions, however, has been around for over 12 years and are front runners in the media and entertainment industry. With movies and documentaries streaming on major platforms including Amazon Prime, Vudu, and iTunes, Applied Art Productions provides quality entertainment to the masses.

After directing, producing, and releasing over 15 films released on over 150 platforms, Applied Art Productions is now working on releasing a supernatural thriller film being shot in the largest ghost town in the USA – Jerome, Arizona. Also known as the ‘Wickedest Town in the West’, Arizona’s old copper mining town is an ideal location for the supernatural movie the company is aiming to make. The location provides the perfect vibe for a supernatural thriller and promises a bone-chilling ride from start to finish- sure to have viewers at the edge of their seats.

The story revolves around a young woman, Gabrielle Simmons (played by Meredith Vancuyk) who moves to Jerome Arizona, and gets trapped in a house where every apparent exit leads her back into the house. The audience witnesses her efforts to escape the maze-like structure to save herself from the supernatural forces that are trying to kill her. 

Applied Art Productions is offering viewers and movie enthusiasts a unique opportunity to be a part of the supernatural thriller they are producing. Their Indiegogo campaign contains a plethora of different perks that can be availed, ranging from signed posters of the Woman in the Maze to limited tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere and afterparty. Supporters can also have a character in the film named after them.

The film is currently in mid-production and is scheduled to premiere in select theaters on Halloween 2021. The worldwide release will be later this year. You can visit their Indiegogo campaign to support the best supernatural thriller ever here: