Dubbel – A Portable and Foldable Docking Station That Aims to Revolutionize the Workplace


Due to the pandemic, there has been a drastic shift in the workplace dynamic in the last two years; working from home being one of the most popular methods that companies are employing to ensure worker safety. While some companies have decreased office capacity or have their employees on rotation, many have adopted the idea of working remotely. One of the biggest challenges of working from home, however, is that individuals do not have the proper equipment outside of the office. This is where Dubbel comes in. A portable and easy to set up workstation that caters to individuals that are looking to replicate their office environment anywhere, Dubbel is revolutionizing the workplace while increasing productivity.

Developed by a former IT specialist Adam Rowles hailing from the UK, Dubbel is specifically designed to tackle the complications that arise with setting up a working station while mimicking a complete office setup.  It consists of two full 24-inch screens, a webcam, a mic, speakers, and  USB-A and C connections to their PC whilst connecting to, and charging the laptop via a single USB-C. The entire dock is powered by a single cable, making it the perfect clutter-free solution to one’s workplace needs. Dubbel also comes equipped with two power sockets and a wireless charging option that can be used to charge any other equipment one might need.

According to Adam, the reason for creating Dubbel was simple. He says “Having experienced the many struggles of IT setups firsthand, I wanted to bring a new solution to the market. One that would solve everything in a single product and change the way we configure our desks forever.” Learning from his experience, Adam has created what seems to be the perfect solution for cluttered desks and complicated desk setups. Dubbel claims to take less than five minutes to set up and can be used to seamlessly transport the workplace anywhere.

Aside from being extremely simple to set up and use, Dubbel has also been designed ergonomically. The two screens have swivel points present onthe U-shaped arms that can be used to adjust the screens perfectly in accordance with the users’ preferences. The height of the screen is easily adjustable because of the gas strut present in the main column of the docking station.

Dubbel is compatible with all operating systems. The built-in webcam, microphone, and (optional) speakers eliminate the need for any external hardware that one might require for daily office work. These built-in features make Dubbel the perfect setup for presentations and Zoom calls. The ethernet port also ensures an uninterrupted internet connection; crucial for those out of the office. All these features make Dubbel an absolutely critical accessory to help cultivate the ultimate working experience wherever one is. 

Seeking to improve the productivity of workers, Dubbel offers the additional feature of daisy-chaining whereby users can connect and use up to six screens at one time, providing ample screen space for multiple tabs and windows. Dubbel is also available in a variety of colors and is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.