Friend Duo Introduces a Revolutionary Alternative to Bath Products that are Environmentally Friendly & Reduce Single-use Plastic Packaging


Rapid urbanization has had a significant negative impact on the environment, and in order to fight the increase in the use of plastic packaging, the consumer market has seen a shifting trend towards sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle products. One such product entering the market is the Quinn and Oliver Sustainable Powder Body Wash. Started by two friends bonding over their immense love for the planet and animals, the Quinn and Oliver Powder Body Wash was created to help reduce plastic packaging production in the beauty and personal care industry while providing a quality personal care product. 

The powder body wash formulation comes with a stainless steel dispenser bottle and the globally sourced ingredients are biodegradable, cruelty-free, halal-certified, organic and vegan. They are also free from colorants, paraben, sulfates, talc, and unnecessary harsh chemicals. Users simply have to pour the powder inside the reusable stainless steel dispenser bottle provided and add water to it to create the body wash.


The refills are available in recyclable aluminum sachets and this eliminates the need for the product to be shipped in single-use plastic bottles, which helps keep the carbon footprints low – usually caused by transportation processes. Importantly, it also helps to drastically reduce the damage to our ecosystem by cutting down the contribution to plastic waste pollution that is overwhelming the recycling industries globally.

The powder body wash sachets are available in three different variations; Ocean Fresh, Air Fresh, and Forest Dew. Each can be quickly converted into a usable body wash in a matter of seconds, simply by adding water.

Shanna and Jerrine, the founders of Quinn and Oliver believe that the urgent need to combat climate change can be achieved if everyone makes an important decision to adopt a sustainable choice from their daily lifestyle routine. For further information on their journey, they can be reached at the following email addresses:

Shanna Ng:

Jerrine Koh:

To know more about Quinn & Oliver, visit their Kickstarter Campaign page here.