A Versatile 3-in-1 Shade Tent That Will Revolutionize Your Outdoor Experiences


Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself lugging around an entire holiday’s worth of luggage for a simple day out on the beach? What is supposed to be a nice and relaxing day turns into a nightmare when you’re constantly stressed about trying to keep a track of everything you brought along with you. This is why minimizing your belongings on an outdoor trip can go a long way in significantly reducing such stress. A new player in this industry aims to create positive disruption by innovating in this space with a first-of-its-kind consumer product. This company is called ShadeEco. 

The Ultimate Three-In-One Beach Accessory

Micheal and his best friend Pablo could relate to this common frustration faced by many beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts when they decided to come up with ShadeEco; a shade tent, a hammock, and a blanket, all bundled together in one easy to carry backpack. The product is set to revolutionize the way outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their time at the beach. The company’s basic objective is to make going to the beach as seamless as possible by bundling numerous beach essentials into one product. 

Product Features

There was nothing in the market for outdoor enthusiasts and casual beachgoers who needed one backpack containing everything they would need to fully enjoy their experience. ShadeEco is geared towards these individuals that are looking to have a great and fun experience on the beach. It only requires a single person to set it up through a hassle-free process as it has been designed with the central focus of providing convenience to its users. The product features highly adjustable poles that allow users to increase or decrease the height of their shade to adapt to the position of the sun. ShadeEco offers excellent UV protection so beachgoers can enjoy extended sessions on the beach without having to worry about exposure to harmful rays of the sun. The product also comes with a well-made and comfortable blanket to relax, eat or lie down. 

Storage & Different Use Cases

ShadeEco’s ergonomically designed backpack has 60 liters of storage capacity that can comfortably fit all the accessories that it comes with and other items you’ll need for your day out at the beach or the mountains. The unit can be used by customers in a variety of use cases apart from the beach such as in mountainous terrain. Sturdy anchors ensure that users are able to securely mount the tent in the ground or sand in variable weather conditions. ShadeEco’s included blanket can be used with it’s shade tent to become a comfortable hammock for those relaxing naps at the beach. 

To learn more about the ShadeEco, visit their website here.