MindChat — A Revolution in Modern Hypnotherapy for Psychosomatic Treatment


There are many hypnotherapy practitioners in the world that continue to practice outdated techniques and methodologies at the expense of their patients. Traditional hypnotherapy brings a lot of demerits along with its proposed benefits that patients have to suffer from. Apart from its high intrusive approach, common hypnotherapy practices don’t do a very good job of allowing the patient to do a self-analysis of themselves and identify the issues in their life themselves. Andrei Efremov is one of the top hypnotherapy educators who has introduced the world to a revolutionary energy-based healing approach called the MindChat Method that far surpasses traditional hypnotherapy benefits and takes a non-intrusive approach to healing.

Andrei Efremov, is regarded as one of the best Hypnotherapy educators in Russia. His research has led him to develop an approach to energy-healing that expands upon our current knowledge & understanding of Hypnosis. Dr. Efremov believes that in order to truly achieve a state of healing, patients shouldn’t be subjected to hypnotic practices. This is because his research is based on the idea that humans are constantly in a state of hypnosis, and that to truly heal, they must first be extricated from this state which will help them achieve true freedom.

He calls this the MindChat method that allows patients to be relieved of past traumas without divulging any of their private or embarrassing details, as is the case with almost all hypnosis-related healing methods. This approach seems to be unique as it allows patients to maintain anonymity unlike in traditional hypnotherapy or other healing methods that require you to divulge your secrets and be subjected to uncomfortable situations.

The MindChat method claims to effectively resolve the emotions that are bothering you. These emotions can be fear, anger, negativity, oppressive envy, hysteria, and panic. The MindChat method also allows you to eliminate the psychological component of a disease, if there is one, leading to the treatment of psychosomatic disorders such as Crohn’s disease, neurodermatitis, peptic ulcers, and a huge number of pseudo-illnesses.

Another factor that makes the MindChat method very unique is that it does not rely on the patient being in a hypnotic state for the treatment. Instead, the MindChat method states that humans are perpetually in a hypnotized state, and in order for us to be effectively treated, we must get out of this state and view things around us from an objective perspective. 

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Boilerplate Info:

Andrei Efremov is regarded as one of the best hypnotherapy educators in Russia. He is a member of the executive committee of the Congress of Hypnosis in Zurich and the President of the American Mind Networks Association LLC. Andrei has also trained hundreds of students in-person from the USA, England, France, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, etc. in hypnosis and hypnotherapy in courses lasting 7–8 days.