A Nanny Fights in Court to Rehabilitate 5-Year Old From Life of Neglect


A Look at Child Neglect Statistics in the US

Taking a look at the latest child neglect & maltreatment statistics in the US paints a very alarming picture. In 2019, about 4.4 million cases of child maltreatment were reported to the authorities out of which only 3.4 million children received prevention & post-response services. Studies concluded that out of the total number of cases reported, 491,710 were victims of neglect and 39,824 victims were psychologically maltreated. One of the victims of such neglect and mistreatment is Zion. 

Who is Zion?

Zion is a 5-year old who has been subjected to a highly distressing lifestyle since he was born. When he arrived in the care of Harmony, a nanny and Certified Newborn Care Specialist, he had open sores and wounds on his entire body. Zion’s condition did not allow him to perform daily routine bodily functions such as eating, sleeping, and defecating without experiencing excruciating pain. 

The Story Now

After spending 82 days in Harmony’s care, Zion started exhibiting clear signs of recovery through his appearance and behavior. The open sores and wounds previously on his body healed completely and he was not dependent on any breathing aid such as an inhaler. Zion’s recovery, however, was short-lived. Once he returned to his family, his condition deteriorated once again and is headed towards the same condition as before. 

Harmony’s Efforts to Save Zion

Zion’s temporary caregiver has now sprung into action after having learned about his declining condition. As a certified care specialist, Harmony claims that Zion’s worsening condition is a consequence of being neglected and not being cared for. She has since created a campaign that aims to help Zion fight for the chance at a normal life. Her campaign has, as of yet, managed to collect $1580 out of a total target of $25,000. She hopes that this money will help her pursue Zion’s cause. 

How Can You Help?

To contribute to this cause and send in your donations, visit Harmony’s Gofundme campaign page here. To find out more about the campaign, visit https://www.zionscure.com/.