The World’s First Lamp That Will Light Up Your Art & Your Relationships


The global art market is booming throughout the world. While the market remains predominantly offline, online sales have seen increasing growth in recent years. The global art market was valued at over $67 billion in 2018, up from almost $64 billion the previous year.

A new player in the lighting and art industry aims to create positive disruption by innovating in this space with a first-of-its-kind consumer product. This company is called The Coloring Lamp. 

Ethan, the founder of The Coloring Lamp, started his journey with an aim to innovate by creating unique lamps. His search for inspiration saw him travel within Canada and then to Europe and Africa. His earlier designs were heavily inspired by Egyptian architecture but he managed to present his ideas in a fresh coat of paint through his products.

After a few years of evolving his ideas, he founded The Coloring Lamp – a self-customizable backlit lamp company. The company’s flagship product is called The Lumid which is a lamp meant for indoor household use. The product features an innovative lamp design outfitted with back-lighting along with a sheet of paper adorned with inspiring pieces of art produced by renowned artists that customers can color in. The idea behind this was to have families and friends spend time together using colors to create beautiful art pieces and then use them as a lampshade so that they can see their creations, light up every day. 

Since its inception, The Coloring Lamp has partnered with a number of different artists who have added a whole host of artistic designs to the Lumid portfolio. These artists include names such as Tobias illustrations, Emily Illustrator, Thiago Bianchini and Doodle Dood. 

The Coloring Lamp is launching a Kickstarter campaign soon where backers will be able to preorder the lamps.

Boilerplate Info:

Ethan Foster is the founder at The Coloring Lamp currently exploring trends in backlit art and functional therapeutic decor. For more information on the company, visit their website here.