One of Russia’s Top Hypnotherapy Educators is Offering an Alternative to Hypnosis


If you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, many suggest that hypnosis is one of the effective remedies that can help. Andrei Efremov from MindChat, however, disagrees based on his years of research, as he has developed an alternate practice called the MindChat method that’s backed with evidence. Andrei argues that hypnosis induces a heightened state of suggestibility and an altered state of consciousness, which is problematic. 

Andrei Efremov, considered one of the best hypnotherapy educators in Russia, says, “MindChat will lead to equality, inclusion, fairness in society leading to a sustainable future.” The theory suggests that when you feel unsettled by certain emotions such as fear, negativity of any sort, anger, or envy, you are already experiencing a slightly altered state of mind. The goal here is to get you out of this altered state of mind and not put you into another.

Why Traditional Hypnotherapy Isn’t Ideal

Why this method needs to be looked at closely is because of what it promises to achieve. To understand how this approach works and why it’s effective, we must first understand how traditional hypnosis works and why it might be something that you’d want to stay as far away from as possible. Hypnosis causes unavoidable and unnecessary abreaction, which is something that can be avoided through Efremov’s methodology. Not only does it bypass deep sessions of abreaction, but it also saves time in the implementation of regression. This technique that has been developed after years of thorough research and practice proves that you no longer need to endure painful sessions of going through episodes of “trauma release” in an effort to heal yourself.

Furthermore, the only cases where traditional hypnotherapy seems to work best is when the process of hypnosis is at its deepest level. However, once an individual experiences such a deep level of hypnosis, their chances of developing amnesia go up drastically. There are even instances where individuals have shown signs of confabulating reality into a distorted version that is simply untrue. Andrei’s work primarily focuses on attaining a state of emotional release and stability while avoiding all these risks that one may be exposed to if one decides to opt for traditional hypnotherapy. The approach is as successful as it is revolutionary. The prime idea that he talks about and that has been supported by his research is that we are all in a constant state of hypnosis in some way, shape, or form. The solution isn’t to put yourself into an even deeper state of hypnosis but to break away from it. 

Andrei Efremov is coming to the US

In the future, Andrei plans to open up a school in the US where he will train professionals in the MindChat approach. Even though the approach does not rely on traditional hypnotherapy in its modern approach, professionals at MindChat will have a comprehensive understanding of hypnotherapy and hypnosis along with an in-depth understanding of age regression as well.

This science, evidence & experimentation-backed approach has resulted in Andrei Efremov becoming one of the most successful hypnotherapy educators in all of Russia. He aims to replicate his success and impart his knowledge regarding his revolutionary method of healing in the US as well. Something that can deliver months or even years of results in mere minutes is something that people should definitely be very interested in. 

Don’t take anyone’s word for it, though; just look at the many instructional videos posted on the MindChat website. For anyone still confused or wondering, Andrei Efremov’s approach to healing is a stark departure from the obsolescence of traditional hypnotherapy.