SmartHalo 2 – A Dream Come True for Cyclists


Riding a bicycle on a daily basis is healthy and fun. It’s not only an effective way to travel but can also help to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. The latter is especially crucial in cities where the human population is more condensed and growing fast. Riding a bicycle in cities can be difficult. Riders need a simple way to navigate through the roads without checking their phones.

The team at SmartHalo created an interactive biking device that provides cyclists with fitness metrics, an anti-theft alarm, and a navigation system. The SmartHalo was created in 2015. The team now has a new upgraded version – SmartHalo 2 – that promises to give urban cyclists a boost to their bike trips. According to them, this version is lighter, slicker, leaner, and packed with new features. The founder, Xavier Peich, is passionate about biking, and to him, biking is a way of life.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of SmartHalo 2.


It guides the rider towards the quickest routes, using minimalistic turn signals. It attaches to the handlebar and shows the direction by an intuitive halo of light. The compass turns greener as you get close to the destination. You can even define your own shortcuts without taking your phone out. The navigation feature now gives more detailed information. You can find interesting locations along the way, know the distance of the next turn, receive weather alerts, and know how much you have reduced in CO2 emissions during the day. To access it all, you only have to make right or left swipe gestures on the device.

Anti-theft alarm

SmartHalo 2 remains on the handlebar and protects the bike by triggering a loud sound, in case someone tries to mess around with it. The sound it makes is as high as 100-decibel. Only your unique HaloKey™ can unlock it. This alarm system is brand new, and it relies on an internal motion sensor. You don’t even need to think about locking your bike, as it arms the motion-triggered alarm when you leave.


One of the most important things to have safe bike rides is to see and be seen. SmartHalo 2 has a 250-lumen white LED front light as an upgrade. It can work in three different modes: normal, blinking and pulse. The light will automatically turn on when the sun sets, and its battery may last two weeks on a charge.


Want to track your fitness goals? You can sync SmartHalo 2 with your favorite fitness apps without having to push a single button. It tracks and displays your metrics performance. You can see your speed and fitness metrics such as time, distance, and burned calories in real-time.


Riding a bicycle also means focusing on the ride, and perhaps losing some important calls or messages. With SmartHalo 2, a pulse appears to tell you that someone is calling or texting. You can also receive notifications from compatible apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp. This feature can be turned off to enjoy a peaceful ride.

Overall, SmartHalo aims to give cyclists a healthy way of living where the environment gets cleaner, and our carbon footprint is reduced. SmartHalo 2 raised almost CAD 1.7MM on Kickstarter with more than 10,000 backers shedding their hard-earned money to enjoy this cool gadget. If everything goes to plan, deliveries can be expected in December 2019. To learn more about this new way of cycling, you can visit