North Aware – The First Winter Coat with Built-In Gloves

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Finding the perfect winter coat or jacket that will keep you warm and dry during cold winter days is not always as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of options available, and brands are constantly coming up with new styles. This makes your decision-making process all the more challenging.

However, North Aware may have brought us an awesome winter coat that might completely change the way you feel about winter. It’s called Smart Parka, and it seems like an all-in-one jacket that has everything you would ever want in a winter jacket, and more. 

The Kickstarter Rise of Smart Parka

Jamil Khan, 33, of Toronto, ON, was a software engineer before creating the Smart Parka coat in Canada. He was tired of searching for the perfect coat that would help him stay warm during winter and saw an opportunity to create one.

Jamil Khan, the founder of North Aware

He saw a problem in winter coats and started thinking about recreating them to make them fully equipped to save people from the cold. He wanted to make something that people would love, and he definitely succeeded.

He launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the necessary funding and made $3.25 million on the platform in 2016. Needless to say, North Aware crashed through their goal and even set the Canadian record for Kickstarter funding.

North Aware actively listened to customer feedback and received some great suggestions for further improving their Smart Parka. After months of redesigning it, they released Smart Parka 1.0, which comes with plenty more features than its original version had. Let’s check them out.

Built-In Gloves and Built-In Scarf

Smart Parka 1.0 is the first winter coat that comes with built-in gloves and a built-in scarf. You can get them out in seconds anytime you need them, and easily store them when you’re done. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your gloves and scarf when you leave home. 

The built-in scarf, which the original coat also included, is now stretchable and can extend to cover both your face and neck at the same time. You can now also easily remove it for easy washing. 

When it comes to the built-in gloves, you have two options to choose from: fabric gloves, and leather gloves. The leather gloves now come with 100% cashmere lining, which can keep your hands warm at all times.

Hidden Pockets

Apart from the zippered pocket for the built-in gloves, Smart Parka 1.0 comes with plenty more hidden pockets for all your possessions.

There are pockets for your smartphone, tablet, glasses, keys, wallet, and hat. The hat pocket is stored in the hood, while all the other pockets are placed on the inside of the jacket making everything easily accessible.

The keys pocket has an attached carabiner, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. The glasses pocket is lined with dirt-resistant fabric that can protect your glasses from scratches.

There are also two hidden pockets with AirPod holders, so you can listen to your favorite music on the go without worrying about losing your AirPods.

Charging Your Devices On the Go

With Smart Parka 1.0, you never have to deal with low-battery issues while on the go. The jacket features a power bank slot to help you charge all your devices while you’re out and about – perfect for your busy schedule.

Water Resistance 

Yet another reason why Smart Parka 1.0 is better than its previous version is that it’s more water-resistant, including the fabric in the gloves’ pocket. North Aware actually improved the quality of every part of the coat, including fabric, lining, insulation, and buttons.

Other Features 

Apart from the removable built-in scarf, Smart Parka 1.0 has a removable hood and fur.

Exporting to 30 Different Countries

North Aware exports both versions of its Smart Parka winter coat to 30 different countries. 

Smart Parka 1.0 seems to have everything you will ever need in a winter coat, and it comes in different styles for both men and women. It definitely looks like it’s one step ahead of every other winter coat that you can currently find on the market.

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