Gravel Introduces The Layover Travel Blanket

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Traveling can be, amongst several other great and exciting things, very tiring. You know you won’t have your bed and pillow to sleep, and you definitely know that during some nights, chances are, you won’t sleep in a bed at all. While taking road trips by car, crossing countries by plane or train, or sleeping in terminals when delays happen; being comfortable can be considered a luxury. Some experienced travelers came up with an idea to create a travel blanket that can add comfort to your journeys.

Founded by Lance Williams and Chris Livingston, Gravel aims to provide a relaxing experience for travelers. “We are passionate about designing travel products that become trusty companions.”, said the founders during an interview.

This team has been creating traveling products to make those long trips comfortable. This blanket is called The Layover. It’s a blanket that covers your body and keeps your hands and feet warm while storing your important stuff.

It’s made with breathable nylon and an insulated core. Travelers can snap the blanket around their neck and shoulders, so it doesn’t slip off while they’re sleeping.

The leg pocket – the insulated foot-pouch at the bottom of the blanket, can be used to keep the feet warm during those cold airplane drafts.

It is also possible to connect as many blankets as you want. It’s easy to do this by using the compatible snaps in the blankets’ edges; making a more extensive blanket to share with your voyager friends or partner.

Additionally, during the moments when a blanket is not necessary, The Layover can serve as a pillow by simply folding it into its reversible pocket.

While keeping you comfortable, The Layover also provides peace of mind by making sure your valuables and important documents are safe, especially if you’re a solo traveler. There’s an envelope pocket on the outside to store valuable items such as your headphones, passport, cellphone, and boarding pass. 

Lightweight and Easy to Take

Traveling with heavy and puffy bags might also make the trip quite unpleasant. For this reason, The Layover can be stuffed down into the stuff sack to the size of your fists. By using the drawstring, the stuff sack with the blanket inside will get their most compact size. It weighs 11.4 oz. According to Gravel, the weight is 35% lighter than a pair of running shoes.

To carry it, you can place The Layover in your backpack or suitcase, or clip it to the outside for easier access.


Environmental Commitments

The Layover is made with sustainable materials. The insulation is 100% recycled PET plastic (like bottled waters). They are certified from being free of harmful chemicals. Moreover, the team claims they don’t use single-use plastic in any packaging. They say that even though reducing waste is still a new concept to some factories, they will push them to become better at dealing with waste. 

The Team at Gravel raised over half a million dollars on their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Thousands of travelers supported this project, as they found this idea to be amazing. They have since launched another campaign on Indiegogo.

Traveling lovers that are interested can know more about this campaign on Gravel’s website