RhinoWolf Creates a Super-Tent for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Camping is one of the most liberating things to do in nature. But carrying all of that heavy gear and the time it takes to set it up, can take away from the fun. Sleeping comfortably in nature is an important priority for campers. In cold climates, it becomes critical. More often than not, campers have to take extra blankets which require even more space. Ideally, the perfect camping gear is not too heavy and provides the maximum comfort for outdoor sleeping.

The RhinoWolf, an all-in-one attachable super-tent promises to provide all of that. 

The company RhinoWolf was founded by camping lovers that met in the outdoors. Their idea was born in 2012. They knew very well how nature conditions work so they put their visions together and created a state-of-the-art camping unit. “Something different that suits the specific needs of campers.”


It took them a few years to find what they call a perfect outdoors sleeping unit design. They listened to campers’ feedback and decided to improve their camping experience by adding some features to RhinoWolf’s camping equipment. They wanted to make sure that it would be lightweight, resistant, comfortable, and easy to set and pack. The founders say that they have combined the best of their camping gear into one superpack – RhinoWolf 2.0. With this new version, the team aims to provide campers with one tent with everything they might need. They call it the unit that is larger than the sum of its parts.

RhinoWolf 2.0 sleeping system

The whole pack includes a tent, a sleeping bag, and an air mattress. All-in-one. The air mattress inflates with a pump sack. It’s comfortable and made of polyester, which makes it strong and flexible. Moreover, the sleeping bag is not the traditional “cocoon” campers usually take. Instead, it’s a comfortable blanket with a zipper that can be attached to the bottom of the tent. Two different blankets can be chosen, depending on the camper’s needs; either to be under a temperature limit of 59°F (15°C) or 40°F (10°C). The first one weighs 150g and the second one 375g. 

It’s a Superpack

The whole gear weighs 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg), and it all fits in a light and portable superpack. Although it’s a solo tent for just one person, its unique design allows campers to connect their RhinoWolf tent to their friends’ or family’s RhinoWolf. Couples can also attach their blankets by zipping them up together. The team thought about this feature because, to them, connecting is a big part of the camping experience. They also added a “roll and lock” feature to lock RhinoWolfs together to prevent rain, sunlight, or wind from leaking through. This is possible by zipping the tents together, rolling the extra fabric and using loops to keep it tight.  

Easy to Set Up in No Time

Campers can set it all up in a matter of minutes. The designers created a single-pole merged with both poles and pegs, which provides a simple setup and gives all the stability a tent needs. The team also designed it this way to give campers the perfect space and shape to sleep comfortably. Bags and other equipment can have their own place as well, by unrolling the two attachable flaps to create more space. This also works to create extra shade. Additionally, the camping kit comes with six anchoring pegs, in case it’s necessary to strongly hold the tent to the soil.

RhinoWolf 2.0 tent has a mosquito net and allows the air to flow, thanks to the strategically placed smart air vents. In this model, they have added two extra air vents. Yet, they say that campers can be sure they won’t be disturbed by weather conditions such as rain, sun or wind. According to their website, the tent’s shell is made of supreme polyester, and it can resist until up to 2000 ml of rain.


To take this all-in-one sleeping system to manufacture, the RhinoWolf team was aiming to raise $20.000 through their ongoing crowdfunding campaign. They raised the whole amount they were aiming for in only 90 minutes after the launch and went on to raise over a million dollars. 

Will this be your next tent, find out now at rhinowolf.com