Light Your Charcoal Grill Quickly With GrillGun

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The Grill Gun is not just a grill starter, it is also the ultimate torch. This product was created by Bob Healey, a barbecue and outdoor enthusiast who could not find a product that could really suit his needs when it came to lighting his favorite cooking item; his charcoal grill. Cooking over fire has been around for 1.5 million years, and in spite of all of the advances in science, technology, and communication, nothing seemed to exist for the very basic, and common practice of lighting fires, quickly and safely.

The Grill Gun will put an end to the wait time between heating your grill and enjoying your food, without requiring you to invest in a state-of-the-art grill, chemical additives, or complicated add-ons. By not using hydrocarbons or petrochemicals, what you get is not just better-tasting food, but healthier food.

At a whopping 400,000+ BTUs, this is a high-power torch that reduces the time it takes to light your charcoal grill, bonfires, campfires, and any other fire, down to minutes, and even seconds!

But it goes way beyond just providing a portable flame. The inventor is an engineer, and, before beginning to work on the design, he polled his friends and family, asking what features they would want in the ultimate torch. From this, he got a long list of must-haves that have ensured every detail had been thought of ahead of time, and then accounted for in the final product – including just “looking cool”. What makes this product special is not just the fact that this tool cuts down wait times, but also, the very careful way in which it was designed to do it. This torch was thoughtfully designed to be portable, very user-friendly, and safe to use. In fact, it is so simple and portable, it can even be used to sear meat, anywhere!

The best kinds of products are ones that fill a hole: something that was created because there are common needs not being met. This is one of those products. Rather than inventing something for invention’s sake, this product was made by an outdoorsman, for those who love the outdoors. A nuanced understanding is necessary if you are going to create a product that not just solves unmet needs, but meets them while managing to exceed them.

Let’s face it, everything just tastes better when it has been made on a charcoal grill. But because it has traditionally taken such a long time to heat up, most people rely on gas because of its speed – especially if they like to grill often. But the Grill Gun means you no longer have to avoid your love of charcoal grilling due to the inconvenience of wait-times.

Remember trying to start that campfire on your cottage getaway? Well, with this handy tool you can do it in seconds. Tailgates, backyard parties, or indoor fires. If you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who likes fire, Grill Gun will absolutely amaze you. The hose can attach to portable propane tanks, while the adapter nozzle allows you to hook it up to your large one, too. So, there is no need to worry about what kind of tank you have.

It also eliminates the need to use chemical additives like lighter fluid, or DIY fanning systems. The nozzle at the top allows you to increase or decrease the flame as you need, with two other triggers to help you get maximum firepower – the flexibility of the flame control is what allows it to handle any job you may have, anywhere.

There is also a smaller version, made specifically to sear Sous Vide meats! Sure, you can use the Grill Blazer, but the small version was specifically designed to work in the kitchen, while its tighter flame really allows you to get in and around any cut of meat carefully, and accurately. Giving the perfect sear every time.

The Grill Gun is not just a grill-starter, thanks to the detailed design and quality of the product, it may quite possibly be the best torch you will ever own.

Is it time to throw those bulky flamethrowers and grill-starters out? The Kickstarter was a smashing success, but, if you are still not convinced, see what grilling professionals think. T-Roy made a great, detailed video review or visit the Grillblazer website to learn more.