These 10 Science Startups Might Change Our Lives


When we think of technology and innovation, it’s usually the Silicon Valley that pops to mind. But Silicon Valley doesn’t hold a patent on innovation, and people left and right are coming up with some amazing ideas that might prove to be life-changing. 

Although over 20% of startups don’t make it past their first year, the following science startups are growing strong. They’re already set on a path that will reshape the world as we know it. Let’s take a look. 

1. Lunit Inc. 

Lunit Inc. is a South Korean startup that is transforming the world of medicine. It specializes in developing algorithms for medical image analysis that will allow physicians to make a more accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment. 

They rely on the deep-learning technology for medical data analysis and interpretation which allows them to develop data-driven imaging biomarkers. Physicians will be able to perform chest, breast, and cardiac radiology, as well as precision pathology. 

If their systems are implemented in healthcare facilities around the world, physicians will be able to make more consistent clinical decisions. 

2. 1928 

1928 Diagnostics is a Swedish company that’s working to fight one of the biggest medical problems we’re facing today – antibiotic resistance. 

It’s estimated that about 33,000 people die each year due to bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. The number is very likely to continue growing unless something is done. 

This is where 1928 comes into play. With a team of highly skilled software developers, microbiologists, molecular biologists, and bioinformaticians, they’re planning to put a stop to resistant bacteria. 

Their platform will help physicians to better diagnose infectious diseases and come up with efficient treatments. 

3. Benevolent AI 

The UK-based startup, Benevolent AI, is combining artificial intelligence and medicine. Their Benevolent Platform™ allows scientists and developers to discover new drugs to treat diseases and help patients. 

The platform puts together the information found in scientific papers, patents, clinical trial information, and more. Relying on the compiled info, it’s easier to discover new medicines, develop them, test them, and bring them to market. 

With their focus on biotechnology, they can help discover drugs for treating such conditions as Parkinson’s disease and some rare cancers. 

4. Agrosmart 

Agrosmart is a startup based in Brazil. With their real-time crop monitoring, they help farmers around the world to better manage their agricultural business. 

This can be extremely helpful to rural communities, and farms located in places with unfavorable conditions. 

They rely on sensors, image processing, and meteorological data to help farmers make informed decisions. Farmers can use the information to help them with planting, harvesting, irrigation, and more. 

Agrosmart is bringing technology and farming together. It works to achieve better sustainability and transparency in the whole food chain. 

5. Apeel Sciences 

Between 40% and 50% of root crops, fresh fruits, and vegetables go to waste each year. Appel Sciences is working hard to prevent such an inordinate amount of waste. 

Instead of focusing on greater food production that will consume more water, energy, and resources, they’re focusing on keeping produce fresh for longer. 

They’ve developed plant-based protection that is applied on the surface of fresh produce and that serves to delay spoiling. 

This protection slows down oxidation and water loss, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh. Apeel is edible, safe to eat, and complies with the FDA regulations. 

6. H55 

H55 is a startup founded by André Borschberg, a Swiss pilot. The company aims to produce electric propulsion systems that can be used on existing airplanes. The goal is also to develop flying taxis that can carry between 4 and 8 people and to create better drones. 

With the electric propulsion system, air transport will primarily be much quieter, greatly reducing noise pollution. It’s a cleaner solution as well, as it uses solar energy. This means there’s no fuel necessary, and there will be no polluting emissions. 

This innovative, scientific project will help us save resources, build a sustainable future, and adopt clean and efficient technologies. 

7. HTT

HTT, short for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is aiming to build a super-fast train that will hover through low-pressure tubes. 

The idea was first conceived by Elon Musk, and this startup is making it a reality. The train can reach high speeds and shorten the travel time due to its low friction. 

It’s also designed to consume less energy than traditional trains or planes, making it a more eco-friendly transportation solution. 

8. ME SOLshare 

ME SOLshare is a startup based in Bangladesh that aims to provide sustainable and affordable energy access to low-income communities. 

It’s essentially an electricity trading platform. They’re building peer-to-peer grids that will connect home solar systems. Households and businesses will have access to renewable energy and will have the ability to sell their excess energy and turn it into profit. 

Not only will rural, but low-income communities will also have access to sustainable energy sources, where they will be able to make money through it. Making this a win-win solution for all. 

9. Modern Meadow 

Love leather clothing, but hate harming animals to get it? Modern Meadow is your solution. This US-based startup has managed to bring together design, biology, and material science to create animal-free leather. 

The process is called bio-fabrication. The company has managed to grow collagen in a lab and use it for the creation of this innovative material. 

Since the bio-fabricated materials are animal-free, the company is helping us leave a lighter footprint on our planet and preserve it. 

10. Seismic 

If there’s any company that’s making science fiction movies a reality, it’s Seismic. In short, this US startup is bringing together robotics and apparel. 

The lightweight, breathable, and comfortable clothing is programmable. It can help you move better and have more strength and stability. 

Those having trouble with mobility, such as senior citizens, can wear this Powered Clothing™ to add strength to their muscles and joints. 

The Bottom Line 

These scientific and technological startups are paving the path to a better world. They’re helping us protect our environment, preserve our resources, and improve our lives.