There’s an App Born Every Minute

Well, technically, there is a multitude of apps born each minute. One study stated that in 2018, 1,300 apps were developed each day. So, with all of these new apps out there, why not yours? The production number has been steadily increasing for new apps in creation, so there is certainly room in the market for a person with an awesome idea.

Demand for New Apps

It is estimated that the number of apps will continue to climb because the demand for apps is ever growing. This is good news for those that have a great app idea. However, getting an app off the ground isn’t always as easy as it first appears. This is especially true if you don’t know how to code or you have no idea of where to start. With the growing dependency on our smart devices, a good app can’t go wrong.

Moving Beyond An Idea

If you have an idea for a new app and think that it would be well received by others, then it is worth it to explore the concept. In truth, an app idea is only a tiny part of creating an app. For some, it is the hardest part. For others, knowing what to do next is the real challenge.

Many Uses for Apps

Apps aren’t just for your average user anymore. Plenty of professional fields continue to integrate apps into their daily use. For example, the medical industry has seen an enormous leap towards people using apps to interact with their medical professionals, as well as healthcare providers using them to give better care to their patients. Car companies, teaching professionals, and a host of other industries are including apps as a way to connect with customers, generate interest, and present new ideas to people in a direct manner.

Taking the Next Step

Understanding where an app will fit in, or if it will fit in at all when compared to other apps on the market, is required when trying to create a viable app. People have ideas all of the time and some of these ideas happen to be the same. For this reason, before doing anything else, research concepts of your app idea. Consider searching for concepts similar to your idea and see if your idea is already taken. It is smart to check out funding pages as well to see if there is a similar app to your idea already in the development or funding stage. If all of those searches are clear, you’re smart to take a few steps into the direction of planning.

So… You Have a Unique App Idea?

For some people, visualizing their concept is the best part of creating. When making an app, it can be a bit more difficult than just drawing a plan up or writing out an idea. Consider how you would like your app to look and then, beyond that, explore the functionality of your design.

Tips for Planning Your App Design

After you have your app down on paper, preferably with a few drawings and clear design concepts, you will want to take this information and create a mockup. This is something that you can do yourself if you’re tech and coding savvy. Chances are you will want to hire someone to do the actual mockup. You should be familiar with a mockup and know what the end result is that you are aiming for. Consider checking out MockPlus or MoqUp. These are both great ways to get started on your app by actually making progress towards function and design. They also have free trial options. This means you can begin to get your hands dirty building your app, without spending money. 

Creating Your App

When you are ready to create, you’ll have a number of options to make your app a reality.  For simple apps, especially ones for small businesses or basic functions, there is likely a DIY app editor that will work for you. For more complicated apps, you may have to hire a developer. There is no harm in trying to do it all on your own. However, definitely reach out for help and hire someone to do the technical part if it, before it ends up being way over your head. The last thing you want is your lack of knowledge blocking your app from being a reality. This is especially true when there are a few options to get the help you need and they don’t all cost an arm and a leg either!

Even without coding skills, you can create an app. For this option, it is very similar to working with the mockup apps. DIY app boards come in a wide range of options that you will find helpful at just about any technological understanding level.

Build Your Own App Platform Options

Appypie is one of the most popular app creating platforms out there. This platform allows you to create stunning and simple apps without knowing how to code. Additionally, the apps created will work on most major devices, including Android and iOS. To start with this platform, go to their main page and get started with building your app on their editing platform. There are limitations to what Appypie can do though. For more complex apps, you may want to try a platform with increased flexibility. The cost is a bit more, but one good DIY app builder option for this is SiberianCMS.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate and Get Assistance

Hiring a designer can cost a lot of money. However, for a large app idea, it may be worth it. The easiest and perhaps less expensive route would be to go to a site such as Upwork to find freelance app developers. Another good choice is Freelancer. Both of these sites will have a number of app development freelancers that can help to create your dream app from the ground up. Furthermore, you can develop a team on these sites in order to get the help that is unique to your needs. If you need a full designer and want to spend a lot to make your app, these professionals are available.

DIYing your App

However, if you prefer the DIY approach but need a bit of help on smaller chunks of your app project, freelance sites can connect you with professionals from around the world. For those looking for complete project help, such as individuals working with a large company development, you may want to compare from a list of freelancing agencies that can handle larger than average projects. 

Learn to Code

Whether you know how to code or you’re prepared to Learn, here are the tools you need that can help you.

Xcode, Swift, and the iOS SDK

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Apple to create all Mac and iOS apps is called Xcode. To use Xcode, you need to have a Mac. Yes, you cannot create an iPhone app on Windows. Xcode is the graphical interface, but now you also have to choose the language to write these apps. Swift programming language is the language you can use as it is by Apple; however, you can also use other languages such as (C+).

Coding for Android Apps

Android gives you a starting point to create your apps. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of all the tools and software that will make your job easier. There are multiple courses available online to help you learn to create Android Apps. Eclipse is the default IDE for Android Apps. Google also developed Android Studio, which is an alternative to Eclipse.

Off to the Market

Once you have your app developed, it will be time to market it. This will require developing a website, creating a landing page, managing social media, and marketing for your app. Sometimes marketing and selling an app can be as challenging as creating it in the first place. That being said, if you have done your due diligence, you should have gotten some feedback so far. Feedback will give you an idea of where to go next to make your now developed app a reality.