Why You Should Choose Adoption Over Buying a Pet


Getting a pet is always a joyous event. Kids feel this instinctively, but we adults know that this is a day to remember – the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will last for decades. If you’re nervous about it, that’s perfectly normal too. You’re only human, after all. 

Is it a big decision? Well, of course, it is. 

But no matter how big and potentially life-changing, it is the decision we’re always happy to make. It’s also a decision you’re never going to regret. The only difficult thing about making this choice is the age-old question – should you buy or adopt your new furry friend?

Here’s why adoption is always a better choice. 

You’ll Save an Innocent and Healthy Life

Most people associate animal shelters with neglected, sick, and bad-tempered street animals. But even though they do provide help to stray dogs and feral cats in need, animal shelters don’t cater only to them. They also welcome healthy, loving animals that were once pets. 

So what happens to these animals if nobody adopts them?

In the largest number of cases, they get euthanized. Shelters can only do so much when it comes to homeless animals. One of the things they can’t do is provide shelter to all of them. Every year, more than 1 million of these animals die on the street or get put to sleep. Adopting saves lives. 

You’ll Change a Sick Animal’s Whole World

This, of course, isn’t to say that you should avoid adopting sickly and malnourished pets from the animal shelter. It’s only that you won’t find many of them out there. When it comes to animal healthcare, shelters do a wonderful job of providing the same high-quality treatment.

Unfortunately, some animals cannot be cured.

Disabled animals make the best pets in the world. Not only do they understand your sacrifice, but they know how to give back. These animals may demand some special attention, but they are kind, loving, and grateful. A disabled pet can teach you a valuable lesson in patience and gratitude. 

You’ll Help a Shelter Make More Room

By adopting a pet from an animal shelter, you’re helping not one but tens of uncared-for animals find their home. In bigger and smaller cities alike, these shelters are overcrowded. They work with a limited capacity, driven only by the unconditional love and care for the homeless animals. 

The more animals they accept, the worse their living conditions are.

Every time a pet gets adopted from a shelter, a room is made for another animal in need. When you choose to buy and not adopt, you’re not contributing to shelters and homeless animals in any way. You’re only helping pet shops and breeding mills get richer. 

You’ll Help Solve a Homeless Animal Problem

Unlike feral cats, which pose no threat to people jogging in the morning or returning from a party late at night, stray dogs can be a real health danger, especially so when they’ve been abused by humans in the past. They travel in packs, scaring and even attacking innocent people. 

These dogs are still a long way from adoption, but that still doesn’t mean that shelters cannot help them. On the contrary, stray dogs become very docile on a full stomach. With enough food and personal attention, these homeless animals can’t cause any problem to the society.

Another problem is, animal shelters don’t have enough room for them.

You’ll Actively Boycott Breeding Mills

The difference between animal shelters and pet shops is drastic, mostly thanks to the breeding mills that stand behind pet shops. These horrible facilities care for little else except for profit. That’s why pet shop animals are so often malnourished, sick, and traumatized. 

Even if there were no other benefits of adopting, the opportunity to boycott breeding mills would be tempting enough. By choosing adoption over buying, you’re taking one customer away from pet shops and their suppliers. If more of us did the same, they’d quickly go out of business.

You’ll Save Money on Purchase & Fees

Buying a pet can cost anywhere between $500 and $1000 while adopting one isn’t more expensive than $50. In rare situations, you need to cash out about $200. Whether you’re getting a pet for your kids or for yourself, having one more mouth to feed in your household is never cheap.

And let’s not forget about fees and other expenses.

As a responsible pet owner, you’ll need to secure a good healthcare plan for your new friend, in addition to regular vaccines and basic documents. This too can cost a pretty penny, but another beauty of adoption is that most shelters take care of this when the animals first arrive.

You’ll Be Able to Choose the Perfect Pet

Animal shelters have no shortage of pet varieties, and we don’t only mean breeds. Purebred dogs and cats might be a bit more difficult to find there, but you’ll stop insisting on them once you meet all of the other cute, interesting, and unique animals. Your perfect pet awaits you there.

Adoption offers you the widest range of pets possible. 

What’s more, some modern animal shelters have systems for matching their animals with potential owners based on their personalities and other factors. As an animal lover, you must know that there are many important things to consider other than breed, so why limit yourself to one?

You’ll Find the Best Match for Your Lifestyle

We all adore puppies, but some owners actually prefer older dogs. Baby animals require a lot of care and attention, which you may not be able to give them right now. Adoption gets bonus points for this as well, as it allows you to find the best possible match for your busy lifestyle. 

Though animal shelters welcome kittens and puppies too, the vast majority of animals there are a few years older. This means that you won’t have to worry about leaving them home alone or taking them to the vet every now and then – being older, these pets don’t need a sitter. 

With some luck, the two of you will be speaking the same language from day one. 

You’ll Be Able to Get a Home-Trained Pet

In fact, you may be able to find yourself an instant best friend.

Shelters receive animals with all kinds of backstories, and a lot of them are pets of divorce. A lot of pets end up in animal shelters because their owners had died, gotten sick, or moved away. These pets are not sick or traumatized but simply left behind. They have a lot of love to give.

Depending on your lifestyle, adopting a pet that has already been home-trained may simply be more convenient. And that is a responsible thing to do – not only can an untrained pet turn your house upside down while you’re not there, but it can also hurt itself doing the wrong thing.

You’ll Have a Great Support System

Finally, adoption makes you a part of the local animal rescue community, which is nowhere near a small thing. One of the many benefits of being a part of this group is the support they provide to new owners. They want to see these animals thrive, so they’ll go one extra mile to help you out.

If you’ve never kept a pet before, this is very much worth considering.

Support groups will be more than happy to answer any question you have, from the type of food your pet requires to where you can get it for cheap. Vice versa, you’ll have an opportunity to help another pet owner newbie out, which is fun and rewarding in its own right. 

Loving Animals Is Having Their Best Interest in Mind

If the time has finally come for you to get your first pet or to welcome another ball of fur to your pet-friendly household, adoption is always a better option. For your sake, it is cost-effective and more convenient. And for your new friend, adoption means a life full of love.