10 Bullet-Proof Ways to Shine in Your Job Interview


If you want to get that well-paying job you really want, you can’t skip the interview part. However, you can absolutely shine in it. While you may feel that you’re prepared for it, a periodic interview skill tune-up is a really smart thing to do. 

That’s precisely what seasoned and confident job candidates do regularly. There’s no reason to get stuck in a job you don’t like when all that keeps you from doing what you love is a simple interview. 

In fact, it’s not about doing great in a job interview – it’s about landing as many jobs as you need so that you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. 

Well, without any further ado, here are ten bullet-proof ways to absolutely crush your job interview and show them that you are the employee they were looking for all this time.

1. The Devil Hides in Details

If you don’t get enough information about your interview format or your interviewer, don’t be afraid to ask. This is the best way to avoid any awkward situations and prepare yourself for the great unknown. 

Most of the time, people make mistakes thinking it’s going to be an easy 30- minute interview, only to waltz into an interviewing nightmare with other candidates and several interviewers. Get all the details and don’t leave anything to chance, as it’s always better to come prepared. Knowing what to expect keeps you on top of your game.

2. Rehearse Highlighting Your Selling Points

It’s essential for your success to be ready to highlight your talents, talk about your career, your strengths, aspirations, and so on. This is how you let your interviewers know that you can become a valuable asset to their company. 

Since you can never know the questions your interviewers will ask, write down your highlights and rehearse them to the point where you sound succinct, conversational, and most importantly, confident. Remember, practice makes perfect.

3. There’s No Shame in Self-Promotion

If used in small doses and with good timing, self-promotion can help you convey your achievements and accomplishments to the right pair of ears. The way you say it is what truly matters, and language makes the difference. 

Don’t be afraid to talk about your accomplishments but don’t exaggerate and don’t be cocky. Say only the things that put you in the right spot with your interviewers.

4. Sync Your Answers With Your Online Persona

Make no mistake – your interviewers will check your social media accounts, personal blogs, and websites and anything online that is related to you. 

It would be smart to stay honest in your interviewers and keep your resume updated to avoid any unnecessary discrepancies between what you claim and what the internet says about you. 

Update your Linkedin profile every now and then, and spring-clean your social media accounts to ensure that your online content is synced with your interview rap and current resume.

5. Phone Interviews Do Happen

If you have a phone interview, keep in mind that these are as important as you being there, face to face. Phone screening is an excellent opportunity to shine bright and impress your interviewers. 

Therefore, make it real in your mind. If you don’t smile, they will know. Do everything within your power to make the best impression you can. The fact that it’s just a phone interview might mislead you into believing that it will be easy, but it won’t. 

It’s the same as being present in the room with your recruiter. Add friendliness and warmth to your voice but keep it professional and confident. Do not, by any means, rush into things, interrupt them when they speak or sound nervous. Come up with a routine to boost your sense of feeling in control, confident, and full of energy. 

6. Body Language Matters

If you’re required to meet with your interviewer in person, keep your body language in check, pay attention to how you behave and talk. The best thing to do is to leave an impression of confidence and a sense of ease. 

Everything starts with a simple handshake and eye contact. Make it look good, make it firm. When you’re speaking with your interviewer, don’t avoid eye contact, but don’t stare either. The more open your posture is, the more confident you look.

7. Pay Attention to Logistics

Make sure that your portfolio is up to date, your car has gas, and your suit is ironed the day before. You don’t need any additional efforts on your big day. You want to be relaxed and feel completely ready for what is about to happen. 

Most importantly, be there on time and do everything and anything to get there. If you fail to do so, you risk looking like a rookie. Instead, give some serious thought to logistics a day before and prepare yourself to look your best when the time comes.

8. Research Your Interviewers and Company

Good candidates do their research on the company, the best candidates go a few steps further and research their interviewers. Use credible business websites and publications, Wikipedia and Linkedin to do your research and find out what they do and what their latest achievements are. If you have anything in common with your interviewers, take advantage of it. It will help you to build rapport, as this can help you make the right impression.

9. Verbal Tics Are a Big No

Avoid giving meandering and long answers. Instead, keep your answers on topic and concise. Verbal tics won’t help you; on the contrary. If you want to sound convincing and confident, say what you have in a few brief sentences and make sure you stay on topic.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask about the terms of employment and salary, but once you throw out your question, let it ring for a while.

10. Self-Talk Is Good

Pessimistic thinking and self-doubt have no place here. Be positive and practice self-talk, as it will make you feel good about yourself. It will also help you get through your interview with a smile on your face, no matter what. You’re qualified, you have skills and talents, so make the best use of what you have.

Learn from your mistakes and use your accomplishments to boost your confidence. Also, including any recommendations or positive emails from your previous supervisors will make you look good. It’s the evidence of what you can do and what you’ve accomplished. Sharing this with your interviewer might just get you the job.